Wrath of Con
OMG! Helo. Cheif. Panama City.

Yee! Cheif! Aaron Douglas! And Tahmoh! So close...

I've got to get someone to go with me. I've got to go. I <3 Aaron Douglas.

SPN Fic: Lukewarm, PG
Title: Lukewarm
Author: trill100
catagory: gen
Rating: PG

30 hits him wrong. Comes on too fast and leaves him wondering where it all went.Collapse )

I need to write something that isn't a pattern.
Today the Stargate Fan Awards results were supposed to be up, but they are not.

I know I didn't win. I know. But still, maybe. But no.

Also, the Mullet Festival (the fish, not the hairstyle) has just now stopped being excessively loud, but I'm still a bit jumpy.

I was not going to be spoilered for Torchwood. I was going to wait until it came on over here. And that promise lasted almost two whole hours.

Ficlet: Untitled - Brothers and Sisters
So, I've found a new show that I hope doesn't canceled within the month. Brothers and Sisters. And I am in Love with Justin. In that 'I realize he's fictional' way. In that, 'I'm going to end up writing lots of emotional H/C for him' way.
And here's the first of it. It's also, as far as I know, the first ficlet for this show. Not that I care...
This was written in about ten minutes, and it's second person POV, and I'm going to shut up now.

You’re the first one so touch him after he goes into the water. You grab him and your brother grabs him and you pull him out. He’s warm and he’s breathing and you think that maybe he just fell and he’s still breathing so he’s fine.

You’re the last one to touch him in the hospital, long after he’s dead. Your brothers and sisters have all said heir goodbyes. They had to pull your mother away from him, and no one noticed that you’d been outside the entire time.

Scratch that, you’re sure they did notice. They always notice when you avoid things.

You slip in as they leave, and you touch his face and no matter how much you want him to he doesn’t move. He’s cold and he’s still and he’s gone and you think that maybe, if you’d been out there with him, if he hadn’t gone in the water, if he hadn’t had so much stress in his life, if you weren’t a fucking junkie, he’d be alive.

(no subject)
Okay, so I've been house sitting this week, and I've been watching Fastlane, because there's actually a chanel that shows it! I loved this show when it was on, but a lot of shows that I loved years ago I now hate.

But I still love Fastlane! Joy!

Because of Teh Pretty, of course. Van's a little soft in the middle and looks like he smells bad in a good way, and Deaq is so smooth... mmm.

And then they have the h/c, and I always thought they got that right in a way most FOX shows do not. The guys would scream when someone cut them and they worried about each other and they would be wearing bandages later in the episode if they got injured! Plus, Van would occasionally cry about Deaq's brother and Deaq would comfort him in a guy way.

And now I have to go read Fastlane fanfic and see if they have a DVD of it out and try to foget that I start a job I'm not sure I want tomorrow.

So this bugs me a bit...
I've been up for many, many very long strange hours... and this is all I can seem to think about.

I've noticed, in both SG1 and SGA, that the people from earth apply what they believe to be true to the aliens they encounter, and the alien worlds they land on. And SG1' reality is not Vala's reality is not Bratac's reality is not Thor's reality, you know?

And yet the SG teams all sort of go, "this is how reality works, this is how physics work, these drugs are good, these are bad, this is how you should treat your people and you simply cannot do this anymore."

And, somehow, miraculously, this never completely screws them. (And, please, don't bring up Michael, because that's really not what I mean.)

Why do physics have to work the same in other galaxies? How has Beckett never accidentally killed an alien by giving them, say, a tylenol? Why do they never encounter a society (aside from the Bad Guys) that has social mores completely different from their own?

Damnit, I'll settle for someone eating something they assume to be a blackberry and nearly dying. (Cam, for example. It's a recurring dream.) After all, they never seem to test the food on strange planets. They sniff, take a tentative bite, and dig right in.

And fandom, too, applies their own perspective to the characters. I know, it's hard not to do, but Teyla is not going to react the same way the people from earth would about everything. And yet we never see the moments were they all freak and she wonders why they're so upset, or vis versa. And if you know of one, please tell me, because I'd really like to read some.

Fic: Watermark
Just for the heck of it, here's the fic that became Survival...

Yeah, I'm not quite sure how, either. I kind of don't like it, but at the same time I'm attached to it. Um. Is Sheppard horribly OOC? Seriously, I'm not sure if he just worked in my head for this, or he was right.

Title: Watermark
Author: trill100
catagory: gen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, deathfic (still McKay)
Summary: John Sheppard knew death.
Notes: see above.

WatermarkCollapse )

a drabble
Um, hi. I'm going through a bit of writer's block/a suddenly hectic schedule. But, um, here's a drabble. Sort of. I'm going to go back to pounding my head on the desk now.

He was only gone for two weeks.

They didn’t torture him, didn’t beat him bloody.

None of his ribs were broken, his skull wasn’t fractured. His face was still handsome like when he left, all he really needed was a shave and a bath.

They’d fed him, given him food and water. (maybe not quite enough. maybe he’d lost a few pounds.)

He’d greeted them with token annoyance when they’d come for him, told them a few more hours and he would have gotten out on his own. (that was Sheppard for you. never could just be grateful.)

Rodney always woke up then.

He was always alone.

I need to get started on the actual typing up of my UCP story, so that I can get it beta'd and all.

I found out yesterday that my Stargate Fan Awards nom is for Custom.
After I got done being all "Squee!" I thought, I should show this to Julie, as she is kind of in it, but then I thought against it, as she is technically my superior and I would like to keep a good impression for at least the first month at the shop. Maybe in a year or so...

Fic: Survival Of The...
Title: Survival Of The...
Author: trill100
catagory: gen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, deathfic
Summary: The worst part was, it was a routine mission. Routine doesn’t even really cover it. They were making the Pegasus galaxy equivalent of a service call.
Notes: Written for stargateanon. Prompt: "Talent does what it can; genius does what it must." - Edward George Bulwer-Lytton. I kind of forgot the first bit of the prompt and went with the second.

Survival Of The...Collapse )


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