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Season finales so far

Bones. Shark jumpage, big time. I'm sorry, but my Zack would not do that. No, just no.
Really, I wanted it to be Hodgins, but for him to somehow get away with it. So all next season we, the audience would know it was him, but none of the other characters would.
I was surprised at how much I didn't like this epi, especially after last week. Did they change to completely new writers or something? Even the music they used seemed wrong.

House, on the other hand, was amazing. I actually cried through most of the second half. The character reactions were all so wonderfully written/acted, and Wilson just broke me. They get extra special bonus points for using "Our Endless Numbered Days".

I'm not sure why I watch Desperate Housewives anymore. (Oh, that's right, to see Captain Tightpants get beat up) That was just beyond weird. Katherine's flashback stories were poorly handled, IMO. Why would she be recounting the fight she had with her ex-husband, to her ex-husband? Couldn't she just have told the story about how Real!Dylan died and been done with it? And then everything just got settled a little too neatly in that house.
The flash forward could make things interesting, though. I'm curious to see what's happened to Mike and Carlos. Mainly Carlos, unless Mike loses that good ol' boy characterization they thrust upon him.

Supernatural. Good ol' SPN. That is what a season ender should be.
I loved Bobby so much in this, with his "There's more to family than blood" and the holy water sprinklers. Bobby better be okay.
And oh, Sam and Dean. Everything they did just made me want to hug them both. Can I say how much I loved the scene in the car when they sing? Can I get that for my ringtone?
Lilith's idea of a vacation was great, too. How creepy was that little girl?

I have season 4 speculation, some of which comes from my brother who I've, somehow, yet to convert. So, first let's assume that Dean is, infact, in Hell, or Limbo, or something where he's not in his body. So, really, Dean can't be 'out' of his body for very long, or ickyness will ensue, no? Which leaves us with Sam getting Dean back first thing next season.
OR, we could have Dean's body possesed. I say this mainly because I'd love to see how Jensen would play it. But I'd love to see Ruby crawl back from wherever she's been sent and take him over. At least for an episode or two. Any more than that would start to get annoying, I think.

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Bones was one of those that just...ah...I love the show but the finale should be stricken and destroyed and they wake up in a shower and IT NEVER HAPPENED.

House, yes, I cried. I cried through half the last show. And damn was it good. I love House realizing he didn't want to live because he didn't want Wilson to hate him. That was made of awesome. And Wilson. cry Just an amazing finale.

SPN -- good, up until that very last shot. I would rather they hadn't shown that! Just...aaahhhh...

As for S4, yeah, I don't know how they're going to deal with it. I'm definitely curious.

and they wake up in a shower and IT NEVER HAPPENED.

All of them in the same shower? *g* I like that idea...

I liked the last shot on SPN, because that's just gonna feed the fic over the long break, you know? I'm a Dean girl all the way, and I'm already wondering what some of my favorite fic writers are going to do wit it. Although I do think that hell should be clothing optional...

I was so hoping that Zack hadn't actually done anything yet.... And, well, maybe he hasn't. There is a lot to read between the lines of what he said. I suspect he was - are we doing spoilers in this thread? Let me know so I can tell you my theory.

House did not go the way I thought. In fact, I think - again, I have Amber theories....



Re: Bones and House

We are completely doing spoilers. Go for it.

But then they did say he stabbed the lobbyist. ARGH. I just liked my Hodgins theory so much better. They were talking about doing an alternate reality episode next season, but maybe they meant this one.

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